Mis Crios  

Mis Crios is a kids and womenswear collection designed in Helsinki to make everyday life more fun for kids and easier for parents when it comes to finding beautiful, comfortable and timeless clothing. For kids everything is possible. The idea behind the Mis Crios collection is a no-fuss approach. All Mis Crios garments are very easily dressed without inconvenient zippers or buttons complicating daily life.

Mis Crios succeeds combining high-end quality fabrics and a casual style, which is both modern and romantic in a northern, nostalgic way. Many garments are reinterpretations from classic garments such as the classic shirt, combined with in a creative way with the all time favourite, cotton jersey.The collection also includes garments that are re-scaled into miniature version of designs from the womenswear line, Mis Crios femme. These two collections are available in the same fabrics and colours, designed to create a coherent selection for both women and kids.

Mis Crios was founded in 2014 and is designed by Cecilia Sörensen, a Finnish-born fashion designer, who established her company in Barcelona in 2002. Currently her design studio is back in Helsinki while the collection is produced in Barcelona and Tallinn. 

Mis Crios aim to use Oeko-Tex certified or organic materials and for quality in all aspects of the production, fair to the environment and people.

Mis Crios was launched at the Playtime Paris fair in July 2015 and will be exhibited in Paris every season.